72 Degrees - Organic & Deep House - Hello 2022

Hey dear friends & followers! I hope you are doing well and your preparations for tonight’s party are successful! 

I am pleased to share with you a new set in LIVE streaming, in order to share with you a good start to 2022, tonight at 12:30 am, after celebrating the New Year 🙂 

Special thanks to @VirtualStudioPictures and @ 33SoundSystem for their help! Without them it would not be possible! 

I will let you make room in your living room to dance, celebrate, move and have good energy soar together for this new year 2022! 

See you later ! 

You 72 Degrees! 

AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! In case of problem on FB follow the set on my Youtube or Twitch page 🙂

72 Degrees